NEEDS ENGINEERS (NEEDS) is an innovative Construction, Interior-Exterior & Real Estate

Developer company. Since its inception in 1997 the firm is devoted for its client’s success and satisfaction and also

providing creative solutions of Construction & Interior/Exterior Design for Apartments, Holiday homes, Offices,

Showrooms, Industries etc. This is devoted for its client’s success and satisfaction.

The firm is managed by Three Managing Partners. They are experienced professionals who directly look after the

technical affairs in addition to management of the firm. Liaisons with the Clientele are directly maintained by the

partners and senior key personnel assist them accordingly. Senior personnel are supported by adequate number of

junior level professionals and supporting technical staff.

For effective implementation of the projects with the twin aim of high quality work and minimum time, the availability

of highly experienced key personnel is absolutely essential. We select our project personnel with this view in mind. All

of our key personnel are thoroughly experienced and quite familiar with the nature of job.

NEEDS goal is to realize the client’s vision by listening to their desires and adapting to there needs, keeping an

informed and involved client throughout.

We each have different lifestyles; NEEDS will help create a completely functional environment, which fulfils the

requirements of you and your family. We will help you make the best use of what you already possess and will use

our extensive resources to find what you need.

You will love what we can do together.

NEEDS provides a complete full service, from concept to completion large or small projects, we provide

individualized, personal attention that is hard to come by in today’s fast moving world.

As it has worked together with all the leading organizations of the country, NEEDS is now confident enough to

undertake any sort of job relating to Construction & Interior/Exterior design. A talented group of employees and a

confident management unit of NEEDS are leading from the front to its success.


When it comes to change, it is easy to talk. It is, however, much harder to walk the walk. The rules of yesterday and

today are not going to be the rules of tomorrow. The answers for tomorrow lie in turning the world upside down and

on a regular basis, NEEDS is such a construction engineering interior/exterior design firm that is dedicated to the

future. We are not merely change tolerant. We court change, seek it out. We fundamentally embrace and welcome

change and, more importantly, we use change as a tool to move forward. When we work for clients, we invite them to

gain a greater share of the future by changing the rules. Why?

Because everything will change – whether we like it or not. The future will be. Why don’t we step for the future?

We remember, Effectiveness defines great work, creativity is the too. We believe that we can make a difference

and we will!


Visions give companies direction in this fast-changing and turbulent world. They

are a magnetic north informing both communication and behavior. Big ideas

have the power to bring these visions to life and create market space for the

brands of the future. Big ideas have legs. Big ideas cross boundaries and

cultural barriers. Sometimes the big idea is the medium that contains it. Big

ideas help brands connect with millions of individuals in a relevant, unexpected and human way so that those brands

become a part of the fabric of society – part of popular culture, part of people’s lives. At NEEDS, through the power of

big ideas, we want to build brands and redefine categories.


NEEDS ENGINEERS provides quality services in Construction, Interior Design, Illustration and Indoor &

Outdoor Decoration. We do describe our sections like:


Our Event Planning is just as easy as it sounds. We take care of the details others forget. We believe that

Focus Demands Sacrifice and we focus every single matter individually. Our services include event

designs for training seminars, entertainment escapes, and organizational meetings for corporate clients

from place to place. From the initial notion that sparks the idea for the one complete event your company

truly desires, through the time that your final attendee gets in their car, on the bus or on the plane to go

home...... We team up with our clients to create an event to remember.


The major fields of activity include:

• Surveying and Mapping

• Geo-technical Survey,

• Soil Investigation and Analysis

• Landscape Architecture

• Environmental Studies

• Interior & Exterior Design & Drawings

• Architectural Design & Drawings

• Structural Design & Drawings

• Electrical Design & Drawings

• Mechanical Design & Drawings

• Water Supply and Sanitary Design & Drawings

• Transportation & Communication Engineering


• Commercial

• Industrial

• Academic & Institutional

• Research & Laboratory

• Cultural & Recreational

• Residential

• Transportation & Communication

• Environmental

• Telecommunication


1. Pre-design works activities

2. Design & Documents works

3. Project Implementation,

Management & Monitoring

1. Pre-design works activities:

Reconnaissance Investigations, Feasibility Studies, Cost/Benefit Studies, Socio-Economic Studies,

environmental assessment, and sub-soil investigation, preliminary concept Planning, Preliminary Design

and Cost Estimate.

2. Design & Documents Works:

Detail Architectural Design & Drawings

Detail Interior/ Exterior Design & Drawings

Detail Structural Design & Drawings

Detail Electrical Design & Drawings

Detail Mechanical Design & Drawings

Detail Structural Design & Drawings

Detail Sanitary/Plumbing Design & Drawings

Cost estimates/ Preparation of Specifications

Preparation of Tender Documents

3. Project Implementation, Management & Monitoring:

Prequalification of Contractors

Evaluation of Tenders

Contract Negotiations

Contract Administration

Construction Management

Supervision of Construction activities

Supervision of Furnishings and Installation

Quality Control


Operations and Maintenance

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